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29 Jul 2018

Three Lessons To Learn About Artist Branding

Artist Branding: Three Important Lessons

Artists face a major uphill battle when trying to stand out among their peers and contemporaries. If you’re an artist, you know this all too well and probably have direct experience with distributing your content and trying to convince people to listen to your music and follow your journey. So what do you do? First things first, you should work on your brand! What is a brand you may ask? and how does it apply to you as an artist? well, this post is meant to help you identify some core tenants of what makes you, you, and how you can leverage your unique sound and image to build a loyal and active following!

  •  Identify the why. Knowing your “why,” statement is the foundation from which you build all additional parts.

Understanding your why and why you do what you do, and for what purpose, helps you identify your elevator pitch,” or the main point of your entire story, summed up easily, quickly, and efficiently. For our brand it’s this: “Unlabeled helps independent musicians create their own unique brands through affordable media and audio recording services.” This is our mission, our mantra, and what we intend on bringing to the table, every day. You must be able to articulate your own music and brand with the same efficiency.

  • Build consistency across multiple mediums and platforms. Your brand is your calling card for all of your fans, therefore you can’t go changing your number or you’ll risk confusing and in-turn losing your fans! A consistent brand is essential for growth!

When you think about apple products, you probably automatically envision their aesthetic. This has been ingrained in your memory countless times through effective brand consistency. You know exactly what apple “looks,” like as a brand. Every platform and medium where you interact with them carries the same image and branding. This must be true for your own artist branding as well! Every piece of music, photo, video, status update and comment must align with your brand “why,” statement. This ensures people understand you easily!

  • Adopt relentless content generation. Take whatever amount of video, photo, and music that you’re currently making and triple it. That’s right. Make at least 3x as much content around your brand and distribute that content globally to all platforms. 

In this day and age, music comes out constantly! A ridiculous amount of music is being generated for an audience that is truly only listening to the top 10% of all of that music. In order to reach your target audience, you must captivate them! You must deliver a consistent stream of content on multiple platforms. Our best strategy to use is this. Make more content from the content you already have, test it with your audience, and make content around what performs best!


When you implement this three basic tenants, you put yourself and your artist brand on a path to success. For any additional information or just to learn about what we do here at Unlabeled. Hit our line!






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